Policy and Regulations

Welcome to the “Policy and Regulations” page of UAP Coalition Netherlands. This page is dedicated to providing clear guidance and information on policies and regulations regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). Here you will discover what you can expect with regard to regulations, (international) laws, reporting procedures and cooperation with relevant authorities.

This page covers our efforts to influence policy and regulation related to UAP. Discover how we strive for recognition and regulation at national and international level.

Your Contribution to Policy and Regulation:

We encourage community involvement. Find out how you can help shape policies and regulations related to UAP. Together we strive for a balanced and effective approach that guarantees both the curiosity and the safety of the public.


Professionals working in the aviation sector are required to report any aviation incident that could endanger safety. It Aviation Occurrence Analysis Bureau (ABL) registers and analyzes reports of occurrences in Dutch civil aviation. It is not clear if and how UAP are currently reported.

The legislation and regulations lack clear guidelines and reporting forms specific to UAP. This is also the case at European level (EU Aviation Safety Agency, EASA). UAP Coalition Netherlands is committed to improving this situation.


There is evidence that UAP are observed in space, by astronauts and other NASA and/or ESA personnel and/or scientists.

In the EU it is EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUASP) active. Activities include an EU Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) service and a Near-Earth Objects (NEO) service, which observes natural objects (such as meteorites) approaching Earth that could pose a safety threat. Currently, UAP are not explicitly observed and investigated.

In addition, there is the European Space Agency, which is involved in, among other things, manned spaceflight and research via satellites. ESA also does not currently explicitly include UAP in their activities.

The EU is considering a new 'EU space law' (Space law). The UAP Coalition Netherlands has as advice submitted on this that UAP should be formally included in this law.

On our YouTube channel also contains related videos regarding Policies and Regulations in other countries.