Accountability for all donations is very important. Here you can read more about what we do with your donation.

UAP Coalition Netherlands has financial regulations. These regulations outline the guidelines and procedures that the UAP Coalition Netherlands follows when gathering financial support, donations and gifts. The aim is to ensure that all financial activities are conducted transparently, ethically and in accordance with laws and regulations.

You can find the financial regulations on the page publications.

What are some concrete examples of what we use your donation for:

Research: Donations can be used to finance research into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). This includes, for example, funding equipment, data analysis, field studies and laboratory research.

Awareness campaigns: Donations can be used to fund awareness campaigns to inform the public and policymakers about UAPs and related issues. This can include producing educational materials, organizing lectures and seminars, and supporting media initiatives to increase understanding.

Educational Programs: Donations can be spent on developing educational programs about UAP, particularly aimed at schools and young people. This can help inspire the next generation of scientists and researchers. We are also developing a package that can be used for speaking engagements, or if you want to give a lecture yourself.

Technological Investments: Funding the development and acquisition of advanced technological equipment and instruments necessary for UAP research. An example is the purchase of UAP DAP systems, camera systems on board aircraft, development of AI for UAP research

International cooperation: Support collaboration with international organizations and researchers to promote broader understanding of UAPs and share data. Attending international seminars, lectures, conferences to keep the team's knowledge up to date.

Legal and Policy Work: Fund legal and policy efforts to promote greater transparency and openness regarding UAP, as well as promote responsible public policy. This means conversations in, for example, Brussels and The Hague with politicians and policy makers, which require travel expenses or the purchase of office supplies.

Public Access to Data: Enabling public access to collected data and research results, increasing transparency and understanding. For example, a good website with CMS system.

Support for Witnesses: Offer help to professionals who have made UAP observations and want to discuss this with, for example, a confidential counselor. Some observations are experienced as intense and psychological and emotional support must be available for this.

Expert involvement: Attracting experts in aeronautics, astronomy, physics and related disciplines to participate in research and awareness efforts.

Operational costs: Covering the ongoing operational costs of the coalition such as insurance(s), office materials, travel costs and administrative expenses.

Your contribution is crucial to our work. Support the UAP Coalition Netherlands and let us explore the unknown together!