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Welcome to the donation page of UAP Coalition Netherlands, where we share a passion for the unknown and the extraordinary. Our work focuses on promoting support, research, awareness, collaboration and regulation regarding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

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Provide support: Professionals deserve the right support when it comes to UAP and our team of specialists provides this if necessary.

Research: You enable groundbreaking research into UAP and related phenomena. Your contribution helps fund crucial studies and data collection by universities and scientists.

Awareness and Education: Together we can create awareness campaigns and develop educational programs to increase understanding of UAP, not only among adults, but also among the next generation.

International cooperation: You will help us collaborate with experts and organizations around the world to develop a broader perspective on UAP.

Policy influencing: Your support supports our efforts to promote greater transparency and openness and contribute to responsible policies regarding UAP.

By donating today, you will help recognize and support professionals with UAP experience, advance our understanding of the universe around us and help explore the mysterious. Together we can unravel the unknown and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.