UAP Coalition Netherlands is an organization for professionals who have (had) to deal with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). The organization focuses specifically on professionals who work or have worked in aviation, the police or the armed forces.

There are currently no specific UAP forms available with which UAP reports can be registered within the aviation, police and armed forces in the Netherlands. This means that there is no legal and investigative basis for reports and the professionals who want to make a report. A form specifically intended for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, which is recognized by the government and the organization where professionals are or were employed, is of great importance. UAP Coalition Netherlands wants to change this and needs the help of professionals to do so.

For the UAP Coalition Netherlands team, it is very important that professionals are taken seriously and that it is ensured that reports can be made without having to worry about potential adverse consequences. It is also important to understand the origins of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, or why they are seen.

Reporting a UAP experience can help better understand these phenomena. By reporting UAP sightings, scientists and researchers can gather more information about what is happening and how it can be investigated. This can lead to new insights and understanding of these phenomena, which can contribute to the scientific community as a whole.
In addition, reporting a UAP experience can also help to improve aviation safety. If unexplained objects or phenomena are observed in the sky, this can pose potential hazards to aircraft and their crew or passengers. By reporting UAP sightings, aviation authorities can use this information to improve aviation safety while helping solve UAP mysteries.
The more professionals come forward, the more seriously the topic will be taken, as they are trained observers.

Collaboration is essential to achieve the goals. This is why UAP Coalition Netherlands is reaching out to professionals. This contact remains confidential unless jointly decided otherwise.