Ambassadors from UAP Coalition Netherlands help to draw attention to the important subject of UAP and the Coalition within aviation, police and armed forces.

Are you a professional who works or has worked in the aviation, police or armed forces? Or do you have an affinity with one of these organizations? Then an Ambassadorship at UAP Coalition Netherlands may be something for you.

Unfortunately, there is currently no specific reporting form and protocol available that has been recognized by the Dutch or European government for professionals who want to report observations. UAP Coalition Netherlands focuses specifically on this group and aims, among other things, to develop a formally recognized reporting form and protocol.

As an ambassador of UAP Coalition Netherlands, you have an important social function, where you can decide for yourself how much time you spend on your role.

What are the tasks of ambassadors at the UAP Coalition Netherlands?

  • Make the UAP Coalition Netherlands and its goals known within your organization; collecting feedback and suggestions from professionals in your organization and being a point of contact for other professionals within your organization.

  • Connecting professionals outside your organization with UAP Coalition Netherlands.

  • Supporting the UAP Coalition Netherlands in collecting data and information and contributing to de-stigmatizing the subject.

  • Promoting participation in the ambassadorship and sharing knowledge and experiences with other ambassadors of the UAP Coalition Netherlands.


Christian Pilot
Christiaan is a commercial pilot with twenty years of flying experience and is currently captain of the Boeing 747. His love for aviation started at an early age. He obtained his private pilot's license (PPL) even before his 18th birthday. In addition to his flying skills, Christiaan also has a passion for photography. He combines his two great interests by capturing impressive images during his flights. Christiaan attaches exceptional importance to the subject of Flight Safety, which is why he has chosen to be involved as an ambassador.
Nick Veteran
Nick is a professional and experienced veteran with 17 years of service in the armed forces. He served in the Air Mobile Brigade and experienced various operational deployments during his service. He has a passion for training and mentoring people and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience to help others grow and develop. Thanks to his background in the armed forces, Nick has a highly developed focus on teamwork, safety and discipline, which makes him a valuable asset.
Tako Pilot
Tako is an experienced pilot with more than 25 years of experience in civil aviation. He has flown on several aircraft and has extensive knowledge of various aspects of aviation, including safety, navigation and meteorology. His passion for aviation has motivated him to join UAP Coalition Netherlands as an ambassador and is therefore committed to achieving its goals.