About us

Welcome to UAP Coalition Netherlands, the authority in the field of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) for professionals in the Netherlands. As a leading organization, we strive to raise awareness, promote scientific research and build a bridge between the public and policymakers.

UAP Coalition Netherlands is an independent non-profit NGO that represents the interests of all professionals within aviation, armed forces and police who have experience with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). The Coalition was created because this group does not feel safe and heard if they have experience with UAP. Furthermore, due to technological developments, more UAP are being observed, which requires awareness and serious research. The Coalition wants to inform, advise and support the government in the Netherlands and the European Union in the field of UAP.

What makes us unique?
Provide support: Professionals deserve the right support when it comes to UAP and our team of specialists provides this if necessary.
Promotion of Research: Our team of experts is committed to encouraging thorough research into UAP. We strive to promote scientific precision and transparency in all UAP related activities.
Broad Consciousness: We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge. Our outreach programs aim to increase awareness about UAP and reduce the stigma surrounding this intriguing topic.
Collaboration and Networking: We work with international partners, scientists and policy makers to provide a global perspective on UAP and its implications.

Advocacy and Policy Influence: We strive for a constructive dialogue with policy makers to put UAP on the agenda and promote appropriate policies.

our mission

UAP Coalition Netherlands strives to create a safe environment where professionals can report their UAP observations and where awareness, research, regulation, cooperation and support regarding UAP are promoted. We strive for recognition of UAP within the Dutch government and the European Union.

how can you get involved?

Become an Ambassador: Are you a professional who works or has worked in civil aviation, the armed forces or the police and would you like to contribute to our goals? Then take Contact contact us and become part of our motivated team.

Become a Volunteer: Do you find the topic of UAP interesting and would you like to contribute to our important goals? Then take Contact with us.

Become a Donor: Join our growing community and receive regular updates on our research, events and news about UAP.
Support Research: You can support scientific research through donations and sponsorship. Together we can unravel the mysteries of UAP.
Follow Us Online: Stay informed of our activities by following us on social media. We regularly share interesting articles, research results and announcements.
Discover the fascinating world of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena with the UAP Coalition Netherlands. Together we strive for a deeper understanding of these phenomena and their impact on our society.