Dive into the World of UAP: Our Knowledge Center, where curiosity and research come together.

UAP Coalition Netherlands is pleased to announce the establishment of our knowledge center. This center is dedicated to collecting, analyzing and sharing knowledge about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP). Here we bring together experts, researchers and curious people to jointly contribute to understanding these intriguing phenomena.

What does our Knowledge Center offer:

Source of information: Discover in-depth information about UAP, including historical observations, scientific approaches, and current developments in the field.

Research projects: Follow ongoing research projects and initiatives aimed at unraveling the mysteries surrounding UAP.
International cooperation: Discover how we collaborate with international organizations and research groups to gain knowledge worldwide.

Events and Conferences: Stay informed about upcoming events, lectures and conferences where we share our knowledge and gather insights.

Reports and publications: Access scientific reports, publications and relevant documentation about UAP, all in one place.

Join Our Pursuit:

The UAP Coalition Netherlands Knowledge Center invites researchers, scientists and interested parties to participate in our quest for knowledge. Together we can unravel the mysteries of UAP and contribute to a deeper understanding of these fascinating phenomena. Explore our resources and join the growing network of UAP researchers.