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Since the 1940s, and possibly much longer, unexplained phenomena called Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) have been observed worldwide since the 1940s.

More and more evidence is being collected, based on a wide range of instrumental observations (such as satellite, infrared, radar, photographs and videos) and visual observations, by trained observers (including pilots, military personnel, airfield personnel, scientists) and civilians.

Near collisions involving military or commercial aircraft have been reported. Many observations have been made at military airfields with storage facilities for nuclear weapons and at nuclear installations. Many pilots and other professionals have been prepared to speak more publicly in recent years.

Some observations can be explained, as explained here(page in Dutch use Translate), and are for example aircraft, drones, satellites, planets, meteors, etc. But a small part (about 5%) remains scientifically unexplained.

There is not yet a government UAP reporting point in the Netherlands. It has been since 2005 UFO Reporting Center Netherlands active, which focuses mainly on citizens and is managed by volunteers. Here observations are reported, discussed and possibly explained. A lot of background information can be found at UFO Business, a volunteer organization that strives for serious attention from science and the media.

Information about UAP in the United States can be found in the UAP Guide, a volunteer organization that promotes UAP awareness, research and transparency.

Us YouTube channel contains many videos and documentaries about UAP, including testimonials from pilots and other professionals. It USS Nimitz aircraft carrier incident (2004) is a good example that has been extensively researched. In the Netherlands the UFO from Soesterberg (1979), a well-known observation that took place at the Soesterberg military air base.