Are UFOs real?

Welcome to our web page dedicated to the intriguing mystery: are UFOs real? This question has fascinated humanity for centuries and remains a source of curiosity and speculation. Let's explore the boundaries of the extraordinary together.

Although there are many reports of UFO sightings, it is important to note that a UFO (nowadays UAP) is simply an unidentified (flying) object or phenomenon. The lack of identification may be due to various factors such as human error, natural phenomena or advanced technology.

Facts and patterns

Eyewitness accounts: There are countless eyewitness accounts of people, including pilots, military personnel and ordinary citizens, who have seen unexplained phenomena in the sky. On our YouTube channel you will find a collection of testimonials from trained observers.

Sensor registrations: Some UFO sightings are supported by radar recordings or other active or passive sensor systems, detecting objects that exhibit unusual movement patterns.

Credible Witnesses: Sometimes the reports come from highly credible sources, such as commercial airline pilots, military personnel, police or other trained observers.

Historical Records: There are historical records of unidentified aerial phenomena dating back to ancient times, long before modern aviation existed.

Physical Evidence: In some cases there is physical evidence such as photos or videos. Evidence from governments is often confidential, but in recent years more information has been released by governments.

Governments: Several governments have recognized the existence of UFOs and are actively investigating. Some of these countries are Brazil, France, China, Russia and the United States. The latter has one special department (AARO) within the Pentagon and NASA does research and has appointed a special director for this purpose.

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